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The Ultimate Wedding Course

Filmed in three different cities and offering over 11 hours of great content, this is indeed the Ultimate Wedding Course.  Selecting the very best content of three workshops, I present new subject matter designed specifically to help photographers with targeting a better clientele. Get going with Ultimate Wedding Course, and soon you could be following in the footsteps of hundreds of my delegates who have gone on to run very successful photography businesses.

The Ultimate Wedding Workshop – Brett Florens from Brett Florens on Vimeo.

  • Let’s get going….
    • Introduction
    • Forget about weddings
    • Marketing to the bride
    • Website | Social | Media | Word of mouth
    • Triggers of fascination
    • Contact from the client
    • Discussing the engagement session
    • First engagement look
    • Second and third engagement look
    • Costing and pricing
    • The all important timeline
    • Reception and party
    • Targeting the trade Part 1
    • Targeting the trade Part 2
    • Styled shoot
    • Night Shoot
    • Post wedding workflow
    • Post production and sales
    • Album Design
    • Peripheral sales
    • Equipment

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