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Destination Anywhere

Shooting weddings or a great commercial gig in an exotic destination is a dream of many a photographers.

I have had the privilege of being a destination photographer for around 15 years now and have shot weddings and commercial commissions in amazing locations such as Florence, New York, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Dubai and Seville, to mention but a few.

I has purposely created a business that attracts affluent clients that host events in dream destinations around the globe. During this lecture, Iwill take you through the necessary factors of destination photography such as visas, finding assistants, transporting gear, getting permits for shooting in public places, what to pack, what not to pack and what to pack it in. While photographers may feel a great sense of affirmation about their ability when they are “flown in” for a job, we need to understand that the feeling of validation doesn’t pay the bills, so a carefully thought out pricing plan which is inclusive of all expenses is essential in establishing a sustainable and profitable business.

In addition, I will take you all the way through the communication with the client, dealing with foreign suppliers and creating a network for yourself that reinforces your brand and perpetuates your desirability over that of a local photographer. If you would like to expand your business abroad, then this presentation is the first step to realizing your vision.

  • Lectures
    • Getting Started
    • Marketing
    • Pricing and Frustrations
    • Meetings, Logistics and Legalities
    • Gear and the first shoot
    • Maximizing the opportunities
    • Domestic Commercial and volunteer work

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