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So you think you can teach?

06mayAll Day10junSo you think you can teach?

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With constantly changing dynamics and the industry transforming as quickly as it does,  photographers are now turning their knowledge to creating educational content to supply a growing demand for photographic education. Workshops and online education are now commonplace and this aspect of the industry is becoming increasingly competitive.  I have been teaching all over the world for twelve years already and I believe that I have a product that really resonates with delegates.  During this six week Masterclass, I will take you through the process that allows you to understand and provide for this audience of learners. I will be relaying important techniques that will empower you to create content that is exciting and beneficial to your delegates, because merely having the knowledge about a specific topic, does not guarantee a successful teaching career.  Your courses or presentations need to be entertaining, educational and implementable.  Creating an ebb and flow to your presentations is essential to keeping your students interested and engaged.  Delegates need to find exceptional value in your teaching, with the result that they feel emboldened to make significant, measurable changes to their businesses.  I will take you through the logistics of running a multi-day workshop to ensure a smooth event that is profitable for you to run.  Pricing of your material is a crucial part of a successful teaching career, and therefore lastly, we will discuss all financial elements involved in creating a profitable and sustainable educational platform that will become an integral element of your business. The course will run for six weeks with live online lectures, assignments and course content




May 6 (Wednesday) - June 10 (Wednesday)




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