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3 Month Hybrid Wedding Photography Masterclass - Johannesburg |Amsterdam

26marAll Day02jun3 Month Hybrid Wedding Photography Masterclass - Johannesburg |Amsterdam

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My Three-month Hybrid Wedding Photography Masterclass guarantees to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking to rebrand and achieve the results you’ve always wanted or are just entering this competitive market, this course is for you. I will assist you in creating an effective business plan tailored to your personality and experience level. My techniques and thought process focus on the business aspects of wedding photography, allowing you to retain your unique identity while adjusting your mindset to running a profitable and sustainable business. We’ll cover 12 weeks of theory and finish with a full day of practical training where you can create portfolio images that reinforce your improved brand. This course is guaranteed to change your life or your money back.

“With any investment – it’s essential to gain a good return. Investing in yourself is one of the most important things that anyone can do. I’ve attended a few workshops with Brett Florens now and each one has given me a return on my investment far beyond what I had hoped. Putting certain elements into practice has not always been easy – but always very rewarding in the end. Brett’s direct approach is engaging and at times challenging – in order to improve yourself and your business this requires change and sometimes change can be hard, but also fun. Brett’s classes and workshops are intense, fun, engaging and a fantastic return on investment. There are many tips that are easy to introduce into your business, as well as some fundamental elements that are important – having faith and courage in yourself to charge what you are worth and be the best photographer you can be. If you look at Brett’s work – you’ll see that he stands out as a photographer who has a contemporary style with bundles of experience – which seems to be quite a rare thing in any artistic field. Many who tout their knowledge and experience are very good at the technical elements, yet they fail to keep up with the fashion and trends, Brett manages to be both technically adept whilst also staying current and up to date with style. I love Brett’s frank and straightforward approach as to the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the business of photography is so important if you want to build a sustainable career in this industry. Brett’s ability to demonstrate techniques in the classroom, at the studio or on location is excellent – I’ve picked up simple hints and tips that now transform some of my images, as well as some fundamental tools that have helped change the way I approach customers and engage with them.”
Andy Mac





March 26 (Wednesday) - June 2 (Monday)